Why is it important to be grounded? How do I feel if I am grounded?

What does it mean exactly?

Being grounded means to be in the present, to be in the moment.
Try this quick exercise!

1. Stand up
2. Just focus on that your body as you are standing
3. Your attention goes down from your top of the head towards to the feet which are touching the ground.
4. Feel every emotion.

You are there like a tree! The tree has roots, if they are strong and grounded a storm can come or anything can happen and it is stable.

So when you (your root chakra is in balance) are grounded / in balance:
– you are sure about who you are without doubt
– everything what you are doing seems easy & simple
– sense more around you
– connected with others through good, positive feelings
– automatically feel more peaceful
– no matter what is going around you are not affected by it
– your heart is full of warmness and love