what is Theta Healing?

What is Theta Healing?

This modality can help you to change how you think, feel, perceive and behave.

Creates changes in all four levels of our whole being: spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional levels.

It means we are working with the person’

  • symptoms,
  • perception,
  • beliefs system,
  • feelings,
  • emotions,
  • thoughts
  • and behaviors together.

How does the technique work?

With Theta Healing® the practitioner uses the person energetic field to detect any imbalances that cause problems, unhappiness, illnesses, ailments etc.. 

Through a meditation process the practitioner uses natural theta brainwaves to connects with the Creative Energy/God/Universe to find the unbalanced part with all limited beliefs, and get to the root problems.

The root problem that can hold you back from healing, from success, from any kind of positive outcome. 

What is Theta Healing?

When we created this balanced state, then long lasting changes and healing can happen.

The practitioner is witnessing all changes and healing on physical level (body), psychological (mind) and on spiritual (spirit) levels too and talk it through with you.

The processes of Theta Healing® are not specific to any age, sex, race, color, creed or religion.

Everyone can access it and create a life that you want to live.

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"Mónika has a professional and gentle approach, making me feel comfortable and safe to explore my emotions during our sessions."
thetahealing meditation Monika Koszegi
Ana Paula Bianchi Grewal
Complementary Therapist
"I loved my session with Moni today. She is a really lovely and talented lady who made me feel totally comfortable and welcome"
thetahealing meditation Monika Koszegi
Lisa Treasure
"Monika is the best person to talk to. She is just a women, with full of love to everyone and who has outstanding knowledge of the healing process. "
thetahealing meditation Monika Koszegi
Maria Nyerges
Satisfied client

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Monika Koszegi

ThetaHealing® practitioner, Meditation teacher

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In person: Lytham St. Annes
The languauge of the classes: English or Hungarian.

Monika Koszegi theta healing

Rebirth of Life

Monika Kőszegi

ThetaHealing® practitioner,

Meditation teacher

Online: Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger

In person:  Lytham St. Annes

Phone: 07760638577

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The languauge of the classes: English or Hungarian.