Meditation Group

Meditation Group

Group meditation helps to form a habit of meditation. It is a great opportunity for those who never tried meditation before or who has struggle to meditate alone. Group meditation has a positive impact on each individuals because it helps you create a habit.

Also it gives you the feeling of contentedness alongside many other positive advantages.

It creates also a group energy that makes you feel that you go deeper and have a more profound experience.

In my classes, we finish with a little chat. Sharing and hearing other student’s experiences allows you to feel okay about your own unique journey. You can ask your questions, that you can get instant answers.

Join Monika on a weekly guided meditation

During meditation we have the opportunity to meet with the person who we really our. It helps to connect deeply with yourself.

Join Monika as she guides the group through different practices each week allowing to deepen your experience around the monthly theme.

Meditation group

Come and join my meditation group!

meditation group

Testimonials about meditation group of Monika Koszegi

"Mónika has a professional and gentle approach, making me feel comfortable and safe to explore my emotions during our sessions."
thetahealing meditation Monika Koszegi
Ana Paula Bianchi Grewal
Complementary Therapist
"I loved my session with Moni today. She is a really lovely and talented lady who made me feel totally comfortable and welcome"
thetahealing meditation Monika Koszegi
Lisa Treasure
"Monika is the best person to talk to. She is just a women, with full of love to everyone and who has outstanding knowledge of the healing process. "
thetahealing meditation Monika Koszegi
Maria Nyerges
Satisfied client

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Monika Koszegi

ThetaHealing® practitioner, Meditation teacher

Bespoke consultation online and in person. Online: Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger
In person: Lytham St. Annes
The languauge of the classes: English or Hungarian.

Monika Koszegi theta healing

Rebirth of Life

Monika Kőszegi

ThetaHealing® practitioner,

Meditation teacher

Online: Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger

In person:  Lytham St. Annes

Phone: 07760638577


The languauge of the classes: English or Hungarian.