Starts at 8th November!

Join me for this 3-day mini training and transformational journey

Gratitude is YOUR super power!

This 3 days mini training design to help you establish a habit that keeps you more align with what you want instead of what you don’t want.

It will remind you how POWERFUL YOU ARE and how to use this power consciously!
By the end of the 3rd week:

You will know exactly why and how to use gratitude as your attitude.

You will know how to support your life journey, create harmony, peace, improve your relationships, sleep better and more.

You will be more aware of what valuable knowledge you can access by a regular practice of gratitude(being fully present, dealing with negative thoughts, welcome feelings instead of avoid them,skip resistance, stop jealousy etc).

You will explore gratitude in an energetic, scientific and spiritual point of view.

You will know how to change your energy and how to change your life

You will learn to embody gratitude

          I am going to take you from the myth of gratitude to how to be a conscious creator of your life!


          This training is for anyone who wishes:

          to focus on what they want in life and create it,

          committed to practice 10-15 minutes daily,

          ready to support their well being,

          ready to support their healing or other life journey

          to gain knowledge through gratitude

          access the benefit that gratitude can bring into your life

          Gratitude is YOUR super power – 3 day mini TRAINING WILL COVER:

          3 * 2 hours training (on Wednesdays evening 8th – 15th – 22nd) on Zoom.

          3 guided meditations

          3 training recordings on request

          3 successful personal stories 

          40 pages printable workbook

          Training starts: 8th November 2023, between 7-9pm, on Zoom

          Training days: 

          8th November 2023, 7-9pm -on Zoom

          15th November 2023, 7-9pm – on Zoom

          22nd Novemer 2023, 7-9pm- on Zoom

          29th 2023, 7-8pm – Closing session and Q&A – on Zoom

          Training fee: £44/person

          To secure your place, please fill up this registration form here.

          Your host:

          Monika Koszegi – Rebirth of Life

          Complementary therapist, Theta Healing practitiner, Meditation teacher


          Mobile: 07760638577