How to practice meditation daily?

6 tips to develop a meditation habit

Daily meditation practices

What is meditation?

Having a tailored meditation practice that works for you will help make meditation a habit.

Check out this 6 tips that will give you a clear direction and you can start tailoring your own journey.

As you are practicing meditation more, the easier it gets and you will recognize more of its benefit.

Daily meditation practices

1. Start fresh

Take a deep breath and declutter your mind from all excuses, expectations and any resistance that you might have about meditation.

Perhaps you have tried meditation before but you didn’t have enough time, or did not see enough progress and you believed that it is just not working for you.

Let’s start fresh and let these previous concepts behind.


Together we will find the way how you can move forward. These tips help you to create your own meditation practice that you enjoy!

Daily meditation practices

2. Why

The more clarity you have about why you want to meditate the more motivation you will have later on when you need it (on those days when the little voice inside your head telling you a list of excuses).

WHY DO YOU WANT TO MEDITATE? – if you want make a list!

Is it for stress relief?

Is it for sleep better?

Regulate your blood pressure or gain any other health benefits?

Is it for feeling more calm?

Boost your confidence?

Increase your performance?

Help your spiritual growth?

What is your WHY?……………………………..

If you know why you want this, it will also determine how far you will go with your practice.

Daily meditation practices

3. When

The best time for meditation is the time that works for you.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer for this question. So discover, find out how does it working for you in the morning, during the day, before lunch or after lunch, after your exercise or even before you go to bed. At the beginning even try out different timeslots to see it more clearly.

For example, if you keep falling asleep before bedtime after trying a few times, then you know ‘before bedtime’ is probably not suits you that well.

When you find the time, then stick to it. It will help create the habit. Know what is your dedicated time for meditation. You can choose 5 or 10 minutes that you would not push aside or find something “more important”.

It is important that when you meditate you should be alert, so not too tired to shift into sleep. Best to do it with an empty stomach/ or when you are so not hungry.

Less destruction will lead you to a deeper practice and a better experience.

Daily meditation practices

4. Where

Somewhere where you not going to be disturb.

Where you can have some privacy. It is really important to feel safe and be able to relax, focusing inside of you without anyone wanting something, giving you another task, calling you on the phone or start laughing while you try to relax.

It is safe to communicate that you need 5 mins or more privacy. The more you stress about it, the more distractions you will find.

If you have a little corner in the room, or a dedicated space for your meditation (it can be anywhere: at home, at work, in the park etc.) after a while your mind and body will associate the space with the sensation of calmness and relaxation. It become a positive trigger for your mind and body.

You need to be creative. There is no option not having a space, just didn’t find it yet that you would feel comfortable with.

Like for example you can practice meditation with open eyes, or do mindfulness eating while you are having your lunch!

Be creative and try over and over till you get there!

Daily meditation practices

5. How

Building up a habit of meditation is kind of similar to learning any other skills. When you learn how to ride a bike, or learn to walk you practice and practice till you feel you can do it. This is exactly the same with meditation. The more you practice, the more confident you become.

Keep it in your mind that this is where you start. This is a journey. You need to discover it. Also discovering your own progress is part of the journey. Be open and be ready for it. Doesn’t matter who is where at that moment, because that is not your journey. Where you are is that matter the most.

There are many different types of meditation out there. Not all suits everyone. Experiment them, check them out.  What would you like to try? When you find it, stick with it!

Be kind and compassionate with yourself. You are learning. Support yourself as if you would encourage your child, partner or your friend.

Daily meditation practices

6. How long

Start with what you think you can guarantee you can commit to.

Do as much as you can! It is that simple.

You want to build up on the feeling of joy and satisfaction. It will take you further in your journey. If your aim is not realistic you set yourself up to feel failed, and get different excuses why you should skip it.

Start with 3-5 minutes and see first how can you commit to this short period of time. You might think what is the point to do anything during a few minutes. You will see after practicing that 3-5 minutes is not as little and it is perfectly enough to settle into a nice relaxed state, observe your thoughts, paying attention on an object.

Start little and allow yourself to grow from that point. Have fun. Infuse your meditation time with joy, passion and openness.

When you feel confident with 3-5 minutes, increase the time to 5-10 minutes then 10-15 minutes or +1 minutes extra/week.

Look at the time as a guideline, find out how long does it feel joyful to practice.

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