How a Theta Healing® consultation works?

During the consultation we are going to discuss any questions, issues and also goals, especially what do you want to achieve. It can be anything like: heal a health condition, lose weight, feel more confident, earn more money, or make any other life changes.

The practitioner accesses the divine energy by using natural theta brainwaves to detect any imbalances, that causing your problem. Then through the session you will be asked different questions and tested with muscle test to identify all limited believes.

When you see how you are affected by your limited believes, thoughts and emotions you can understand yourself more. You will understand your behaviors  and thinking patterns and your reactions.

Then we train the mind and change the negative believes for positive ones, and learn some new beliefs or feelings.  This is the part when we are doing belief and emotional work, as we call it.

It still works even though someone is more logical minded rather than spiritual.

Some people may have subconsciously self-sabotage and “suffering” programs right at the start. That can make the person think “this healing never works for me”. Please discuss it with the practitioner for further benefits because these programs also can be changed.

The beauty of this method is, that it is very quick and effective, creates long lasting changes, creates balance and helps you to release emotional, mental, energetic blockages.

One of key factors are to be committed and open during the session.

The first session is 90 mins and then is 60 mins thereafter.

1 Healing session £40

Available in person or online.