This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and I find it very important to take part in any and every way I can.

Mental Health is everyone’s business!

We can take actions for our mental health, our family, workplace, classroom or in the community.
Each action counts. For who? For someone! For you, for your friend, mum, dad, sister, colleague, shopkeeper, your cat, dog, rabbit, the list is endless.
Do not be shy to put yourself in first place and do something first for your own mental health.
These steps are not smaller or bigger, more important, or less important than others.
You can take part in those ways that feel okay to you.

How shall I start?
Here are some tips on how you can get involved

1. Make a decision that you’ll get involved for a day or two for as long as you want.
2. For who are going to take action? (Choose anyone and don’t forget, you can be on this list too)
3. What are you going to do for that 1 person?
4. Let’s start!

What can we do?
– be kind to yourself by allowing to have rest, or do less from your daily To-Do List
– surprise someone with a cuppa or even a virtual coffee/tea chat
– smile more
– donate to a food-bank
– checkup on someone who self-isolates
– try new activities (self-care, self- nurturing activities)
– read, listen or watch any inspiring book, video or interviews
– get in touch with friends and let them know that you are thinking of them
– send a message to someone and let them know that you love them
– anything that reminds you to be kind and compassionate

Give people ideas by putting into the comments, any idea that comes to your mind relating kindness
Add your ideas to this list ⬆️ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mònika 🙏🏻

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