Mónika has a professional and gentle approach, making me feel comfortable and safe to explore my emotions during our sessions.
Her intuition and empathy really helped me to connect with deep routed believes and could sign post me to the direction that our true eternal been wants to go: a mindset of freedom, happiness and abundance, whist experiencing the challenges of being human during trying times.
There are always lots of insights, break of old paradigms and healing in every session I have had.
Mónika, I thank you for all the help you’ve been giving me and my daughter, to always go a step forward when we feel we get stuck now and then.
There are always breakthroughs in our sessions, expansion and more understanding that lead me to be a happier and more content version of myself. 😊
I know where to go when I need to explore further and embrace the ups and downs of life. Thank you 🙏 x

Ana Paula Bianchi Grewal  (Complementary therapist)

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I loved my session with Moni today. She is a really lovely and talented lady who made me feel totally comfortable and welcome 😊

Lisa Treasure (Hypnotherapist)

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I had doubts about Theta Healing® technique, but as I loved going to Monika’s meditation sessions, I decided to give it a try. Monika is the best person to talk to. She is just a women, with full of love to everyone and who has outstanding knowledge of the healing process. I was surprised, that just after a short time, things started to get better. A great door has opened new possibilities for me and many others. I can only recommend you to schedule a session with her and find out more yourself!

Maria Nyerges  (Satisfied client)

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Monika is a wonderful healer. Every session we worked on brought me clarity , peace and calmness, helped me to discover the purpose of my soul by bringing me back to my center because she is such a kind hearted person as well. After the sessions I had with her, I’ve always noticed synchronicities happening in my life, like a clear sign from the Universe that I’m on the right path and aligned to fulfill my destiny.
I highly recommend Monika to anyone who is looking to sort any issues in their lives from love to health issues or four life purpose.
Huge thank you Monika!!!
Andreea Popa (Satisfied client)
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